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Hammer Mill Options

Drive Specifications

Hammer mills may be belt driven or direct driven to fit your specifications.

Screen Size

We offer interchangeable screens with hole diameters that allow for coarse or fine grinding of just about any product.

Hammer Configuration

The output (volume) of the hammer mill is dependent upon the screen size, shaft speed (normally 3,600 rpm), and the configuration of the hammers. We have configured the hammer placement for the highest output.

Product Discharge

We offer hammer mills with bottom discharge (gravity fall)

Additional Options

  • Fan and Dust Collector For special processing requirements can be used.
  • MOTOR MOUNTING on either side to suit your particular set-up.
  • Hand Brake: Mill can be stopped in 10 seconds in case of emergency. Without the brake, the mill requires approximately 12 minutes to come to a complete stop. The brake feature is a definite advantage if foreign material is fed into the mill.
  • V-belt can be added to reduce floor space - extra compact installation.
This hammer mill has a small footprint.
Rearview of the Mighty Samson Hammer Mill.